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Beaten gold infant boys angrakha set


We design clothes that our children will look stylish in and remain comfortable as they play. This regal beaten gold embroidered angrakha and dhoti set is the perfect choice for any festive event.


Product Description

We always strive to produce unique, lovingly handcrafted and practical apparel. And we use only GOTS Certified Organic cotton and the finest handwoven textiles. Our beaten gold embroidery looks regal on our indigo angrakha. Complemented perfectly with pleated dhoti pants. A must have festive ensemble for your young man. Most importantly, there is NO CHUBHI CHUBHI. The entire ensemble is buttery soft and perfect for children’s delicate skin.

Material composition: Made of 100% Organic cotton and ethical silk

Care instructions: Gentle wash in warm water. Turn embellished garments inside out.