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About Us

Mi Dulce An'ya (es): mee dul·che ah·nee·ya

My sweet An'ya (Ansh + Manya)

Mi Dulce An’ya began as a mission of love. I grew up in Singapore and England, and moved to India after I got married. As a mother of two young tots, Ansh, aged four and Manya, aged two and a half, I constantly struggled to find clothing that was classically stylish, with luxurious detailing, whilst still being kind to my babies sensitive skin' and to the environment. I had always tried to limit my impact on the earth, and recycling and purchasing Organic products were small ways I could achieve that. Other socially conscious parents I spoke with faced a similar dilemma.

The fairly limited accessibility and awareness of Organic children’s clothes in India and the Region posed both a challenge and an opportunity. The aesthetic too, favored bolder, more obvious designs, rather than the understated, Classically European inspired pieces I was keen on.

Sooooooooo...... I decided to leverage my background as a Management Consultant and Brand Manager, with my access to leading global suppliers of natural fabrics and uber talented design teams, to develop and launch my own range of chic, Organic kidswear.

The result is Mi Dulce An'ya's collection of luxurious, vintage inspired, contemporary separates for boys and girls, aged 0-10, using only the softest, certified Organic cotton and dreamy, delicate colors with handcrafted detailing.

Only the highest quality, GOTS Certified Organic cotton yarns and fabrics are used and harmful dyes and bleach are avoided, so that all Mi Dulce An’yas’ products are kind to your baby's skin and kind to the Earth.

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